WeCanPROSPER provides resilience training to community leaders.

What does WeCanPROSPER do differently?

Resilience is the capacity to adapt when faced with adversity, using available resources. WeCanPROSPER Training (WRT) is a high-quality, research-based, virtual training designed for community members and professionals. The goal of the WRT is to increase personal resilience and promote behavioral health by accessing and applying available resources online and in the participants’ community. WRT participants work toward building skills to enhance their personal resilience, improve stress management techniques, and identify healthy habits that can be put into daily practice at home and in the work place.

Strong and resilient communities start with strong and resilient community members!

The WeCanPROSPER Resilience Training gave me several tools I can use for building and sustaining my everyday resilience. As a result, I am better able to lead my community-based non-profit.

Training Participant, Community Non-Profit

Build resilience with WeCanPROSPER Resilience Training!

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