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Partnership for Prevention Science Institute (PPSI)

PPSI is a multidisciplinary non-profit research institute within Iowa State University. Its mission is to conduct practical research that focuses on promoting capable and healthy youth, adults, families, and communities. PPSI scientists conduct both evaluation studies establishing the evidence-base for preventive interventions and partnership-based dissemination studies, to enhance capacity for the large-scale delivery of programs once their efficacy has been demonstrated. Through this work, PPSI scientists and implementation specialists are moving toward the development of initiatives fostering prevention workforce development.

WeCanPROSPER Resilience Training

WeCanPROSPER Resilience Training (WRT) is a facilitator-led, interactive, virtual training developed through the Partnerships in Prevention Science Institute. WeCanPROSPER Resilience Training (WRT) is a research-based training grounded in a long tradition of resilience enhancement science that enables participants to improve personal stress management, clarify their resilience needs, identify relevant supportive resources, and build skills to enhance resilience during their daily routines. Throughout the training, participants are led through the Assess-Prioritize-Plan cycle in their 2.5 hour virtual setting that is facilitated by instructors from PPSI. After the WRT session, participants are able to continue to receive support in working to address their resilience through the guidance of a WeCanPROSPER Coach.

WeCanPROSPER Resilience Training Opportunities

WRT provides participants with an opportunity to participate in various ways including virtual training, coaching, and continued support through the Training of Trainers (ToT) process. Participants begin with the virtual, facilitator-led training and can opt-in to receive continued personal coaching after the training. For those interested in bringing WRT to their community, PPSI will offer a Training of Trainers opportunity.

WeCanPROSPER Resilience Training, Training of Trainers (ToT)

For those interesting in learning more about resilience and becoming a WRT Trainer, participants have an opportunity to deliver the training to their organization and others in the community. As a WRT Trainer, you will be provided with the training tools to increase personal and community resilience, reduce substance misuse, and learn how to find and share behavioral health resources.

WRT was developed at PPSI as part of the National Behavioral Health Extension Network (NBH E-Net).. This work is supported by Extension Foundation and Rural Health and Safety Education Grant Program, grant no. 2020-51103-32563/project accession no. 1024221 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

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